SOTUS The Series

SOTUS The Series

"Gear" is a mechanical component of the cogwheel system (as in a clock). An engineering student can be identified by wearing one on their lapel pin. However, all first-year engineering students must go through the SOTUS system (short for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit) before they can receive one. A third-year senior named Arthit (Perawat Sangpotirat) frequently abuses his authority over the freshmen by enforcing behavior that is in violation of the norms. It's almost impossible for freshmen pupils to challenge or defy directions from their elders. Before Kongpob (Prachaya Ruangroj) stood up to Arthit's assaults, he appeared unstoppable. As their interactions became more frequent, the two's dislike turned into affection.
Duration: 45 min
Country: Thailand
Production: GMM Grammy

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