The plot revolves around a student, Lee Sin, who is well-known in his high school for his band, "The Stupid," and a girl, Lee Gyo Won, who is passionate about traditional Korean music. Lee Hyun Soo, Lee Sin's father, was a popular guitarist during his time but is now on the point of death due to drug addiction, which was also the cause of his divorce from Song Ji Yeong (Lee Sin's mother) many years ago. Lee Gyo Won's grandfather, Lee Dong-jin, is one of the top three traditional musicians of his generation, and his greatest dream is for his granddaughter to become a traditional music prodigy. He is adamantly opposed to current music because he believes it deviates from tradition. The high school organizes "The 100th Year Anniversary," in which pupils can demonstrate their abilities. Will Lee Sin be able to demonstrate his talent in current music as his father did? Will Lee Gyo Won be able to live up to her grandfather's high expectations? Or it could be something else...
Duration: 66 min
Country: South Korea
Production: JS Pictures

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