Run to Me

Run to Me

Alison Wynn is an amateur triathlete who convinces Dr. Laura Stevens, a controversial peak-performance trainer, to carry her as a client. Together they attempt a program combining cuttingedge physical training with experimental hypnotherapy to render Alison competitive. Pushed to her limits and made to explore the painful repressed memories of her mother's suicide, Dr. Stevens' punishing regime aids Alison post impressive gains and break throughout her very own glass ceiling. However, at what cost? Alison's family and work along with her husband and kid suffer but no forfeit seems too great to meet Laura's escalating requirements. In fact Laura is going to do whatever is needed to have Alison all to himself. Since Alison runs straight into the sinister snare of Laura, it's as much as Alison's daughter to help her mum predict the deception before they lose her for ever.
Duration: 100 min
Country: Canada

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