Hubble's Cosmic Journey

Hubble's Cosmic Journey

Your portal to the cosmos is this. The Space Shuttle Discovery carried the Hubble into orbit in April 1990. One of humanity's greatest aspirations was realized with its launch into orbit more than 500 kilometers above the Earth: to send a telescope into space, far above the atmosphere's obscuring effects, in order to get the best possible picture of the cosmos. The fantasy, however, quickly turned into a nightmare as Hubble's mirror was discovered to be flawed in the months that followed. Following three years of suffering, a rescue mission to correct the fault was mounted with tremendous human resolve. We now have the most complete understanding of the universe thanks to the astounding results. This is the tale of the men and women who designed, created, maintained, and ran Hubble, the most renowned scientific equipment in history.
Released: 2015-04-19
Genre: Documentary

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